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Building a better Sun Basket

Here at Sun Basket, one of our top priorities is making sure your meals arrive fresh and safe in the most environmentally responsible packaging available. Our team, which includes the most innovative designers in the business, is committed to developing fully recyclable and compostable materials for our boxes.

sunbasket box


What's it made of?
98% post-consumer cardboard.

Where does it go?
In your curbside recycling bin.

sunbasket insulation


What's it made of?
Recycled water bottles. (This 100% PET material is #1 recyclable, the most common plastic accepted by recycling programs.)

Where does it go?
Roll it up, seal it with the enclosed sticker, and put it in your curbside recycling bin.

sunbasket ice packs

Ice packs

What are they made of?
A gel that's 98% water and 2% non–GMO cotton.

Where do they go?
Cut open the plastic bag and drain the gel into your trash. The water will evaporate, leaving only the dried, compostable cotton behind. Process the lining at recycling centers that accept #4 plastic films. (Pro tip: Save your plumbing, do not pour the gel down the drain.)

sunbasket compostable bags

Compostable produce bags

What are they made of?
100% backyard compostable film .

Where do they go?
In your backyard compost pile or curbside compost bin.

sunbasket jars and greenware containers


What are they made of?
Compostable, plant-based plastic or recyclable plastic.

Where do they go?
Containers labeled Greenware go in your curbside composting bin, others should be recycled. Check how2recycle for a nearby processor that will accept them.

sunbasket plastic bags

Plastic jars & bags

What are they made of?
#4 recyclable low density polyethylene.

Where do they go?
Make sure your recycling program accepts them. If they don't, find a place near you that does at how2recycle.

Look for updates on this page as we continue to introduce new more sustainable materials to your Sun Basket.