Managing Diabetes From The Inside Out

To kick off American Diabetes Month, Sunbasket is partnering with hum by Colgate to make it easier for those living with diabetes to live and feel their best.

Eat The Right Bites

There is no one-size-fits-all diabetes diet, but there are few simple and easy ways to reduce your blood sugar. Start by incorporating more fiber-rich foods including whole grains, pulses (beans, peas & lentils), fruits, and non-starchy vegetables like leafy greens into meals and snacks. Carbs are ok too. They often get a bad rap, but they’re not the enemy. Just make sure you’re choosing the “high quality” whole and unprocessed kind. These include grains like quinoa, barley, and brown rice. Add in unsweetened low-fat dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt, and some healthy fats and plant-based proteins like avocado, nuts, or tofu too. But remember to go easy and watch your portion sizes! Even with healthy foods, oversized portions can lead to excess calorie consumption, weight gain, and blood sugar spikes. If you are feeling overwhelmed, Sunbasket’s Diabetes-Friendly meal delivery plans are a great place to start. Designed together with chefs and registered dietitians, you get a variety of delicious, nutritious, wholesome, food in healthy portion sizes so you can better control your calorie, carb, and sugar intake without missing out on the flavor and fun. 

Brush Up On Dental Care

Gum disease is preventable, but common in diabetics, especially if you’re a smoker over age 45. High blood sugar causes less saliva production and more germs in the mouth, leading to bad breath and a sticky film of plaque that builds up on teeth and gums. Help keep gum disease at bay by maintaining blood sugar levels in the normal range, flossing every day, brushing your teeth, gums, and even your tongue with a soft toothbrush after meals, and visiting your dentist at least twice yearly for check ups and cleanings. Your pearly whites will thank you.

Eat Smart. Brush Smart.

The key to successful diabetes management and prevention is a combination of weight loss, exercise, a healthy, diabetes-friendly diet, and good dental care on the daily. And, when you brush, make sure you’re brushing smart. Did you know that most people skip over 40% of their teeth (and the gums underneath) when they brush? Way. Too. Many. That’s why Sunbasket is partnering with hum by Colgate, to help you eat better and brush better. hum by Colgate is the smart electric toothbrush that guides you, times you, and reminds you – helping you get into the rhythm of better brushing for cleaner smiles. The hum by Colgate app syncs up with your toothbrush to track your brushing habits to help you brush your best—and rewards you for it. Every time you #gethumming on the hum by Colgate app, you can earn smile points for Sunbasket meal deliveries. Ready to get in sync with your smile?