Celebrating Mother’s Day With Our Favorite Food Memories

This Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating the women in our lives who taught us to love cooking and good food. Whether it’s our mom, grandmother, sister, aunt, or neighbor, our lives are  enriched by the traditional recipes, fun times, and even mishaps shared in the kitchen. As we celebrate Mom, a few Sun Basket team members share their favorite family food memories.

Our Chef Cooks Up New Traditions With Her Daughter


“My favorite memory is making empanadas with my daughter and her friends when she was 7. They destroyed my kitchen but were so excited to learn a new food and get their hands dirty. Now it’s a birthday tradition for our  whole family to make empanadas together.”-Chef Justine

8 Years Old and Hunting for Ingredients With Mom


“My mom wasn’t much of a cook, so she was stoked when I showed an early interest in the kitchen. When I was 8, she bought me my first cookbook - Chinese, Mexican and Italian classics.  She would drive me all over town to hunt for wonton wrappers.”-Amy, Marketing Director

Starting the New Year With Perfect Sushi


“Every New Year’s day my mom cooks a feast of traditional Japanese food. Because she’s always so busy cooking dozens of dishes, I took on the responsibility of rolling the sushi. She taught me that the key to good sushi is perfectly cooked and seasoned rice!”-Lauren, Designer

Recipes That Span Generations and Continents


“My favorite food memory with my mom is learning all the traditional Indian dishes that have been in my family for generations. Not only was it great bonding time with my mom, but I also now know how to make an amazing paneer tikka masala.“-Priya, Digital Marketer

The Importance of Eating Together


“When I was a kid, there was no greater shame than being late to the dinner table. It was very important to my mother that we all sit down to eat together every night. She understood that food was the glue that would hold our family together.”-Jan, Editorial Director

Sweet Dishes by a Sweet Mom


“Everything I’ve learned about food started with my Mom. She consistently created deliciousness, and effortlessly got us kids involved in making dinner every night, even if we were just decorating pudding with smiley faces made of nuts. In terms of a favorite dish, I would battle invading barbarians to get to a slice of her light, airy, whipped cream covered hazelnut cake.”-George, Head of Community