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Good Food. Bad Rap

Keeping track of the ever-shifting winds of nutritional research can make you dizzy. Turns out that the rumors about some of our favorite ingredients are unfounded.

For the lowdown on some benign yet much-maligned food, visit this week’s Sun Times

Let's Talk About Fat

Fat has long been the nutrition world’s bogeyman, a scapegoat for every major malady from obesity to cancer to heart disease. But thankfully, that thinking is beginning to shift. Researchers have begun to realize that people who enjoy a high-fat diet are among the healthiest in the world. The key is in choosing the right fats.

This week on The Sun Times, we’re taking a look at six fats that we love. 

Squad Goals: Team Sun Basket offers their resolutions for the New Year


Whether it’s eating healthier or getting involved with the food justice movement, the Sun Basket squad is ready to put their best food forward into 2017.

Visit The Sun Times for some New Year’s inspiration. 

Sun Basket's Staff Nutritionist, Kaley Todd, Prepares for a Healthy 2017

“Now that 2017 is fast approaching, I’ve resolved to cook more often, and to make time to connect with family and friends. If you’d like to do the same, join me for the month of January in committing to 30 days of Sun Basket and to trying our new Lean & Clean recipes.”

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2016: The Year of Living Socially

This has been a busy year on Sun Basket’s social media channels. We thought it was a good time to take a look back at what Sun Basket cooks have been doing, and share a few of our own favorite posts from last year. 

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