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Gifting a Sun Basket

This holiday season, give the gift of healthy and delicious home cooking with Sun Basket. Busy families, new parents, your food loving friends, that one person who has everything—there’s something on the Sun Basket menu for everyone on your list.

Sun Basket’s special holiday offer starts Friday, November 25th. Give two weeks of Sun Basket and save $10, or save $20 on a four week gift subscription. Our meals are available across 42 states, and you can schedule your electronic gift message to arrive on any day! Order now, cross holiday shopping off your list.

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Sun Basket takes an acid trip

Ask Chef Justine Kelly what ingredient she relies on most often to sharpen the flavors in our recipes and the entire kitchen staff will answer in unison, “citrus.” According to Justine, “the sweet-tart juice and oil-rich zest offer a terrific alternative to salt and fat when I want to bring a dish into focus.“. This time of year, she’s got plenty of varieties to choose from. Here are a few of the fresh citrus flavors you’ll find in your Sun Basket in the weeks ahead.

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Artwork by @boccaccinimeadows

Jook Box Hero

Our Executive R & D Chef, Alan Li, grew up celebrating a traditional American Thanksgiving, but the next day his family went straight back to their Southern Chinese roots, when his mother made turkey jook from the leftovers. This rice porridge, also known as congee, scores high on the comfort meter. The rice breaks down over the long cooking time and the starch thickens to make a creamy dish that’s a blank slate as far as seasonings go. Alan’s mom cooks the rice in stock with shredded turkey to give it an added layer of flavor, and garnishes it with scallions and herbs. Alan likes to add a generous portion of chile sauce. “The spicy gene skipped a generation,” he says. “My grandparents and I love spicy food, but my parents don’t at all.”

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Buh-bye turkey sandwiches. Reinventing leftovers for the best day-after feast ever.

Every year, on the day after Thanksgiving, Chef Justine hosts a poker party for all the friends she didn’t get to celebrate with the day before. This soup is always on the menu. It makes quick work of any leftover turkey, and it has a spicy kick that contrasts with the rich food consumed the day before.

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An Elegant Code for Your Thanksgiving Gravy

Matt leads the team of engineers who write the code that makes Sun Basket run. He knows how to do things like reverse a string using a recursive algorithm, and he can write FizzBuzz in several languages. (We have no idea what that means, but it sounds impressive.)  And he regularly slays his opponents in daily bouts of Words with Friends. Now, with Chef Justine’s help, Matt can add “awesome gravy maker” to his list of skills. 

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