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Jeremy Armstrong

Executive Chef of Research & Development

Chef Jeremy Armstrong is at the helm of the Sunbasket menu featuring about a dozen cuisines a week. He was a picky eater when he was a kid. What changed his game? As a student at the California Culinary Academy, he made a promise: taste everything.

Career Highlights

Brown Sugar Kitchen, Oakland, CA

SusieCakes Bakeries, San Francisco, Greenbrae, Lafayette

Press Appearances

I love that food brings people from all walks of life together.

How does your experience or approach fit in with Sunbasket's values?  I grew up in the suburbs of Minnesota. I ate a lot of meat and potatoes with the occasional boiled vegetable topped with Velveeta. Then I went to culinary school in San Francisco and became a chef at a Southern food restaurant in Oakland. The Sunbasket value that resonates most with me is that we cook with a variety of flavors—meaning lots of cuisines and a culturally diverse team. 
How would you describe your approach to recipes?  When I develop recipes at Sunbasket, you can usually count on my dishes going in one of two directions...either a healthy take on a comfort classic, or bold flavored renditions of cuisines from around the world.  What is your idea of perfect happiness?  A little house on a beach in Hawaii with a tropical drink in hand, cooking up delicious Hawaiian food for friends and family. 

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