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Joy Wang, RDN

Director of Nutrition

With a bachelor’s in Nutritional Science from UC Berkeley, Director of Nutrition Joy Wang knows just how to foster wellness with scrumptious ingredients. When she’s not juggling superfoods in the test kitchen, she loves creating food maps in new cities.

Career Highlights

Nutrition Coordinator, MyFitnessPal

Dietetic Assistant, UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland

Press Appearances

Food should be nourishing, tasty, and fulfilling.

How would you describe your approach to nutrition?  Holistic. I believe in embracing the uniqueness of each individual, and that eating should be personalized based on each person’s unique body and lifestyle. My goal is to support our diverse customers in their pursuit of health by cultivating a space that empowers everyone to achieve the best version of themselves.  Who do you most admire?  My mom. She’s the most caring, compassionate woman who makes the best home-cooked meals from scratch.  
How does your experience or approach fit in with Sunbasket's values?  I believe food plays a crucial (and delicious!) role in our overall health and well being. My personal food and health philosophy is that food should be nourishing, tasty, and fulfilling. Because everyone is unique—and nutrition is not one-size-fits-all—rather than focusing narrowly on any single nutrient breakdown, I emphasize eating high quality, nutrient-rich foods above all else. 

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