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Sun Basket is excited to work with the American Heart Association®  to bring you one Heart-Check certified recipe per week. These Heart-Check certified recipes are part of our Lean & Clean plan, but you can choose them regardless of the plan! These recipes meet the American Heart Association's® strict guidelines for a heart-healthy recipe.

While we don't offer a complete Heart-Check certified meal plan, please note that the other Lean & Clean recipes are a great supplement to the Heart-Check certified recipes.

1. What does the Heart-Check certification on Sun Basket recipes mean?

The Heart-Check symbol indicates that these specific recipes, as part of our Lean & Clean meal plan, are in compliance with the American Heart Association's® Heart-Check certification program based on their nutrition requirements for heart-healthy recipes.

2. What are the American Heart Association®'s guidelines for Heart-Check certification?

Specific Heart-Check guidelines can be found here. Heart-Check certified meals include a serving from at least two main food groups, including protein (meat, seafood, beans, nuts), fruits & vegetables, dairy, and grains. Their nutrition counts are equal to or less than the following:

  • 500 calories
  • 3.5g saturated fat
  • .05 g trans fat
  • 600 mg sodium
  • 2 tsp added sugar

All Lean & Clean recipes are free of trans fats and added sugars.

3. Are these recipes only suited for those closely monitoring their heart health?

No, all Heart-Check recipes are suitable and enjoyable for anyone interested in delicious, healthy cooking.

4. Are all Lean & Clean recipes Heart-Check certified by the American Heart Association®?

No, only those recipes that carry the Heart-Check certification have been reviewed and approved by the American Heart Association® as meeting their requirements for heart-healthy food. However, all our recipes are developed in-house with our team of nutritionists to be healthy and delicious.

5. Can I order Heart-Check certified recipes if I'm on meal plans other than Lean & Clean?

Yes. As always, you can swap out your default recipes for any of Sun Basket's weekly offerings online or on your Sun Basket app. All American Heart Association®-approved recipes will be indicated with a Heart-Check certified tag on the weekly menu.

6. Are the Sun Basket recipes with Heart-Check certification your only recipes suitable for a healthy lifestyle?

No. Although our Heart-Check certified recipes are the only ones officially certified by the American Heart Association®, all Sun Basket recipes are developed by our chef and in-house nutrition team to be nutritionally balanced.

7. How often will a Heart-Check certified recipe be available?

At least one Heart-Check recipe per week will be included in our Lean & Clean meal plan.


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