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What comes in my Sun Basket?

Freshest Farm–to–Table Food

  • Hand–selected seasonal ingredients from the country's top farmers, ranchers and seafood purveyors.
  • Organic produce, responsibly raised meats free from antibiotics and added hormones, and sustainably sourced seafood.
  • Ingredients delivered directly to your door, fresher than the grocery store.

Healthy, Delicious 30–Minute Recipes

  • Developed by our award–winning California chef Justine Kelly.
  • Most meals take about 30 minutes to prepare using easy-to-follow recipes.
  • Dietitian–approved recipes with typically 500–800 calories per serving.
  • Pre–measured ingredients for less food waste and easier cleanup.

Eco–Friendly Packaging

  • All packaging is recyclable or compostable.
  • Learn more about our recycling program.

Custom Plans for Healthy Lifestyles

Classic Menu: Our signature menu, featuring healthy spins on restaurant–worthy dishes, with a mix of global flavors and comforting classics.

  • Choose 2, 3, or 4 recipes per week for 2 or 4 people.
  • $11.99 per serving (for 3-recipe plan), $7.99 shipping fee per order (first week delivery is always free).
  • Choose any recipe you like each week, regardless of your meal plan.
  • Classic Menu Meal Plans:
  • Chef's Choice: Our chef's hand-picked recipes, highlighting peak seasonal produce, top-quality meats and seafood, and unique house-made sauces.
  • Paleo: Fuel up with clean, high-protein recipes full of fresh veggies, top quality meats and seafood, and no dairy, gluten, grains, soy, or corn.
  • Gluten-Free: Lose the gluten without feeling deprived, with fresh vegetables, top quality meats and seafood, plus our chef's favorite gluten-free alternatives. Please note, Sun Basket meals are prepared in a facility that handles wheat, and while the Gluten-Free meal plan follows a gluten-free diet, due to risk of cross-contamination, meals are not suitable for people with severe gluten intolerance.
  • Lean & Clean: Delicious meals with lean proteins and clean ingredients help make it easy to manage your weight. No gluten, soy, or dairy, under 600 calories per serving.
  • Vegetarian: Balanced dinners full of organic veggies. Vibrant, creative recipes starring fresh, organic producer, responsibly sourced dairy, and organic eggs.
  • Pescatarian: Combine the benefits of a vegetarian diet, rich in seasonal, organic produce, with an added dose of wild-caught, sustainably sourced seafood.
  • Mediterranean: Enjoy seasonal produce, responsibly raised meat & wild-caught seafood paired alongside whole grains, good fats, and fresh herbs.

Family Menu: Our most delicious menu for taste buds big and small, with lots of vegetables cleverly tucked into kid-friendly recipes the whole family will enjoy.

  • Choose 2, 3 or 4 recipes each week for 4 people.
  • $10.99 per serving (for 3-recipe plan), $7.99 shipping fee per order (first week delivery is always free).
  • Family Menu Meal Plans:
  • Chef's Choice: Our chef's hand-picked recipes please parents and kids alike, with "Kids Can" recipe steps and in-box activities to get kids in on the fun. Weekly favorites like pasta and tacos ensure home-run meals every time. Comfortably feeds a family of 4. Available in 2, 3, and 4-recipe meal plans
  • Vegetarian: Delicious, family-friendly vegetarian recipes, available in 2-recipe Vibrant, creative recipes starring fresh, organic produce, responsibly sourced dairy, and organic eggs meal plans.


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