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If Your Basket is Late or Missing

First of all, we want to apologize if your delivery arrived later than expected or is missing. For missing baskets, please inform us right away by clicking the Contact Support button below and one of our agents will look into this for you.

Late Deliveries

While we have carefully designed these baskets to withstand extra travel time, we always encourage customers to evaluate the contents of their basket as soon as they receive them to ensure the integrity of the ingredients is maintained during transit.

It is acceptable for the proteins to have thawed in transit, but they should still be cool to the touch and how it would feel if they were coming out of the refrigerator. A great indicator would be to check if the ice pack has not fully melted when first opening your box. It's always good to use sight and smell when inspecting your ingredients before preparing the meals.

Should you deem the food to be suitable for consumption, we recommend you plan your meals in the following order:

  1. Meals with seafood or fish in them (up to 3 days after original delivery date)
  2. Then chicken, red meats, and pork (up to 5 days after original delivery date)
  3. Vegetarian meals (up to 5 days after the original delivery date)

We will, of course, compensate you for the unusable ingredients. 

Please send us a note within seven days after the original delivery date.


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