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At Sun Basket, we take pride in sourcing the finest ingredients from top farmers, ranchers, and seafood purveyors. Today’s globalized economy means that there are now almost no truly “out-of-season” fruits and vegetables. Anyone who has tasted a lifeless tomato from the other side of the world, however, knows that this convenience often comes at the cost of quality. A desire to return to flavorful food is just one of the reasons the “farm-to-table” movement has been gaining popularity over the last decade. Farm-to-table represents a philosophy that values taste and quality, personal connections and small business, sustainability, and food safety.

What kind of ingredients do we source?

We source organic and sustainable produce and our proteins are always responsibly raised and antibiotic and hormone-free. We only use wild-caught seafood that is recommended as Best Choice or Good Alternative by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch list. Since the food is farm to table, don't forget to wash your vegetables before consuming. All the cheese we use is also pasteurized.Sun Basket is a certified organic handler through the CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers). You can learn more about what a CCOF certification mean by visiting

  • Nutrition: Fresh vegetables and fruit have better color, texture, and taste. Before it’s picked, local produce can reach peak ripeness —because it doesn’t have to be preserved for thousands of miles of shipping
  • Sustainability: When we keep local farms in business, they aren’t forced to sell off their land for development, so we preserve open space for future generations. On well–managed farms, the healthy soil, clean water, and open space is also one of the last refuges for wildlife in many parts of the country.

What does local food have to do with organic food?

The process of getting certified as “Organic” is complicated and very expensive — often out of reach for family farms. Only the very small farms that sell less than 5,000 pounds of produce are exempt from organic labeling laws. This means that produce, dairy, or meat might be organically grown, even if you don’t see the label.

If quality is unregulated, how do you get the best produce?

This is where local food comes in — because a personal relationship with food producers is possible. At the farmer’s market, customers can ask questions directly to the farmers about the conditions their produce is grown in. A relationship over time means that there is more trust between food sellers and consumers. Sun Basket’s produce is the finest quality because our Executive chef, Justine Kelly, has spent years developing an extensive network of farmers and producers who are truly committed to sustainable practices. We have continued to expand our network of trusted sources who exemplify our values; for example, we now have suppliers across the country to provide our clients with the freshest responsibly-caught seafood available. Sun Basket delivers fresh, seasonal, delicious produce from local farmers straight to your door every week, along with easy-to-follow recipes.

Top Quality Standards

  • Sun Basket carefully screens our suppliers to select the highest quality produce available – always non-GMO and free of persistent and systemic herbicides and pesticides. Organic ingredients in meal kits are clearly labeled upon delivery.
  • Our meats and seafood are free of antibiotics and artificial hormones and come from fishermen and ranchers who share our commitment to sustainable practices.
  • Our standards meet or exceed the standards of most natural grocery stores.


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