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High-Protein Vegetarian Dishes

One of the most vocalized concerns people have you when you tell them you are a vegetarian is, "how will you get enough protein?" This might sound like a valid question, but it is actually a common misconception that you have to eat meat products to get enough protein. In fact, there are countless high-protein vegetarian dishes readily available, and many cultures survive with little or no meat in their diets. Typically, tofu or beans are used to add protein to a vegetarian dish, but there are other, more unique and flavorful options for you to choose.

High-Protein Options

  • Peanut Butter: One of the best protein-rich foods around is peanut butter, it just so happens to also be vegetarian-friendly. As little as two tablespoons of peanut butter can have as much as 15 grams of protein, making it one of the best options for a high-protein vegetarian dish.
  • Quinoa: Many grains are high in protein but few can compare to quinoa. A one cup side serving of quinoa can add 8 grams of protein. Quinoa can also be added to salads as a delicious and nutritious garnish.
  • Broccoli: Nuts and grains are obviously good sources of protein, but some vegetables themselves are high in the necessary nutrient. A single serving of broccoli can add nearly 5 grams of protein to your vegetarian meal or salad.
  • Cauliflower: Broccoli might be able to add a few grams of protein to your meal, but it pales in comparison to cauliflower. With more than 11 grams of protein per serving, cauliflower is one of the best additions you can make to your high-protein vegetarian dishes.
  • Corn: The most harvested crop worldwide, corn is one of the most valuable food staples around. it is also jam packed with protein, over 15 grams of it per serving actually. Corn is also incredibly versatile allowing you to eat it in many different ways without ever getting bored.

Mixing High-Protein Veggies

One of the best parts about being a vegetarian is nearly everything can go together. You can make a broccoli and spinach salad with chia seeds and a coconut oil salad dressing to create a high-protein vegetarian dish. Additionally, a mixed plate of high-protein vegetables, like corn and cauliflower, can make a nutritious snack.

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