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Dive into health

  • Start with a plan
    Eat nutrient-rich foods.
  • Avoid processed stuff
    Focus on veggies, healthy fats, and whole grains
  • Get the right kind of carbs
    Healthy proteins and calories your body actually needs to thrive

Eat healthy for good

Improve Brain Function

When your brain has the right food, it just works better. Even though not-so-nutritional foods may call when your emotions are shaky (we’ve all been there), real foods are the ones actually dishing out long-lasting good moods, great recall, and a better night’s sleep.

Strengthen Your Body

From your heart muscle to your biceps, better foods energize your muscles, which in turn boosts your body’s energy levels. And on the outside, your skin, teeth, and eyes also stay in top-top shape when they get the best fuel.

Boost Your Well-Being

Your future self will reap the benefits of what you feed your body today. A healthy gut, working brain, and strong body help your heart work better for you later on in life, and keep your memory sharp. The result? You can keep devouring the most delicious parts of life to the fullest.

Committed to Delicious Nutrition

We’re here to make the lifelong quest for health a supremely delicious one. And that means creating dishes that taste insanely good and actually make you feel good too.

  • At Sunbasket, the kitchen is our happy place...heck, we really love to eat! And our skilled team of award-winning chefs and dieticians has decades of experience eating and pursuing their own definition of personal health. So we work together to deliver creative flavors and nourishing meals for every kind of eater, no matter the needs and taste buds. Because good nutrition isn’t a one-size-fits-all.
  • This experience and drive lets us push the boundaries and get nutritional, restaurant-quality food on your table every night without stressful planning. We totally understand that maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle is a daily practice. And to make it a sustainable one, we do the heavy-lifting and get you the food you need, so you can keep on caring for your body and brain.

Healthy, Delicious Menu Items

Photo of Sunbasket meal Speedy lemongrass-turkey salad with rice noodles and pear

Start with delicious

Fuel your body with good ingredients and big flavors

Just prep or heat in minutes

Choose your weekly meals and we’ll deliver them to you.

Crafted restaurant-quality meals

Get your tastebuds pumped about nutritional eating.

Not a diet. It's a lifestyle

Always nutrient-dense, always super fresh, and always super easy to dish out every single day.