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21 Subscription Boxes That'll Make Your Life a Million Times Easier

Published Nov 02, 2018

“Why we’re into it: I tried Sunbasket one time, and that’s all it took to get me totally hooked. The produce in each shipment is organic, the meat is antibiotic-free, and the seafood is wild-caught and sustainable, which is right up my alley. (All deliveries arrive in packaging that’s 100 percent recyclable and compostable, too.) The meal kit delivery service offers a wide variety of meal plan options, including paleo, vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian. Offerings range from classics like chicken milanese and bucatini carbonara, to fun new combinations like farro risotto and roasted shrimp with ajo blanco sauce. Price varies depending on which meal plan you choose—either classic or family style-sized servings—as well as the number of weekly recipes sent (up to four per week under the family style plan), or number of people being served (either two or four under the classic plan).”