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Wall Street Journal

Workout Buddies and Work Colleagues

Published Aug 03, 2015

Learn how Sun Basket CEO Adam Zbar stays healthy and keeps the spirt of competition alive in the office. Fun fact: The name Sun Basket was inspired by Adam and Tyler’s early-morning “Sun Runs”! “Last fall Mr. Zbar and Sun Basket’s head of branding and user experience, Tyler MacNiven, began Friday sunrise workouts. Mr. MacNiven, 35, won the TV show “The Amazing Race” in 2006. [They] meet at the Miwok trailhead in the Marin Headlands at 5 a.m. with the goal of reaching the top just as the sun is rising… Mr. Zbar and his fiancée cook Sun Basket meals three times a week. They subscribe to Sun Basket’s Paleo meal plan… Portion control and smarter food choices have led Mr. Zbar to drop to 177 pounds.”