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Wall Street Journal

The Messy Business of Selling Meal Kits

Published Aug 16, 2018

“Building a perishable-food business is not something you do quickly or lightly,’ said Don Barnett, Sun Basket Inc.’s chief operating officer, who began his career at Dole Food Co. and has 25 years of experience with perishable food, including roles as a cofounder and CFO at organicgirl, a packaged salad company. To help keep a lid on costs, Sun Basket, whose meal kits target health-conscious consumers, has gone so far as to set up a Midwestern distribution center in a converted limestone cave—a cheaper way to keep its products cold than spending millions to convert a conventional warehouse in the region for refrigeration. The temperature inside the underground facility remains stable regardless of whether it’s hot or cold outside, so the company spends less on electricity.”