Beets: Kid Tested, Chef Approved

Beets: Kid Tested, Chef Approved

Kids, cooking, and vegetables—three of Sun Basket Executive Chef Justine Kelly's favorite things came together when Sun Basket was asked to participate in the Veggie of the Year competition. A program of the Food Literacy Center, a Sacramento, California-based nonprofit that teaches cooking and nutrition to low-income elementary school kids, it’s the kind of project that’s near and dear to our hearts. Helping folks cook delicious, healthy meals is what we’re all about, and we particularly like getting kids into the game early on. A few members of our test kitchen team volunteered to help out, including Josh Liebeskind, pictured above.

Here, Chef Justine tells us how she got kids to root for beets as their choice for the year's best vegetable:

When the Sun Basket team was assigned beets, I was pretty psyched. Beets may seem like a hard sell, but since sugar originally came from beets. I knew we’d be fine. The rules called for us to use beets both raw and cooked, so we carved them into shapes and slices that looked like flowers and stars. We served them with beet hummus on a crisp beet chip topped with a sprinkling of naturally hot-pink beet powder mixed with sea salt. And you know what? The kids went nuts. One girl even said that she would give up all candy and only eat beets. When the votes were tallied, our beets turned out to be the favorite. I guess you could say we 'beet' the competition, but I like to think that the kids were the real winners. 

Check out our visit with Amber Stott, Chief Food Genius of the Food Literary Center, by watching our Facebook Live video from October 2017, featuring some of our favorite tips and tricks for cooking with beets.

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