Come On, Get Happy

Come On, Get Happy

Short days, long, dark nights, and bone-chilling temperatures take their toll on even the most resilient winter-loving souls. But there’s no reason to be a victim of the season. Here are six prescription-free recommendations that can change your mood for the better.

Get outside—Yes, it may be cold out there, but even a few minutes of sunlight every day can improve your mood and boost your energy level.

Keep moving—This is not the time to pause your workout routine. The connection between exercise and mental health is strong. Your gym membership has the ability to ease both short and long term depression. Use it.

Never underestimate the power of song—Music is one of life’s most reliable mood altering substances. Turn up the volume and sing out loud. It’ll do you a world of good.

Spend time with friends—Resist the urge to hole up at home alone. Make time for the people you love. Laugh, hug, and talk about the things that matter, and the things that don’t. Do it in person, not in a text or Facebook message.

Experience awe—Look at the sky and see the clouds. Consider the leaves on trees, the wonder of a newborn baby’s tiny fingers, and the persistence of the weeds that push through the cracks in the sidewalk. The world is vast and beautiful. Make time each day to really see it.  

Say thank you—Gratitude is powerful. Being thankful can make you kinder, less aggressive, help you sleep, feel less anxious, and experience greater overall satisfaction with your life.

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