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Healthy eating habits, here we come

Sunbasket’s personalized food platform is proven to improve diet quality.

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Different kinds of healthy, all kinds of delicious

Personalized diet planning and meal delivery create a win-win for your population and your bottom line.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Members take a 2-minute quiz to determine their initial diet quality score and best path to healthy eating.
  2. They see delicious options from heat-and-eat meals to instant snacks to cooking kits.
  3. Sunbasket delivers their ideal foods straight to their door every week.
  4. Ongoing diet quality monitoring keeps your team on track.
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Food as Medicine Savings

Savings per year
5.4 months
Payback period

Connect with us to learn:

  • How Sunbasket and Diet ID are collaborating to create the world’s first fully personalized nutrition platform for employers
  • The science behind our proven diet quality scores
  • A more detailed ROI calculation based on your population and your goals

Nourish your team

Create a win-win for your population and your bottom line.

What customers are
saying about Sunbasket

I am in a global role at my company, so my day starts super early. Your kits are perfect at the end of the day. Sunbasket helps me save money and trains me how 
to eat well.

Mariah S.

Really love the fresh and ready meals to bring into work. I love not wasting any food!

Laura L.

Thank you SO MUCH for your delicious healthy meals. I am losing weight. I feel good and during this pandemic, I am thrilled to receive nutritious meals. I don't have to worry about shopping. I have learned to cook better following your recipes. Every ingredient is good quality and I am very happy.

Corinne M.