Seattle, WA

Fresh, healthy food is just the beginning. There are a plethora of resources in Seattle to help teach and promote healthy living, healthy food access and sustainability, and community-building.

Garden Plots

Take advantage of Seattle’s wet climate and fertile ground today by starting your own garden. Whether you use a community resource or your very own backyard, Seattle is home to many resources to help your garden succeed. A Seattle garden will provide exercise, fun, and a connection to mother Earth; not to mention the plentiful vegetables you can grow yourself!

Community Gardening

Not only will Seattle’s community gardens help provide you with fresh produce, they are also a great way to meet your neighbors and socialize.

  • Seattle’s P-patch community gardening program has been providing residents with the ability to garden for 40 years now. With more than 30 acres of land across the city dedicated to the P-patch program, Seattle has been able to provide food banks with thousands of pounds of food every year, while also allowing residents to grow their own produce. Call (206)684-0264 to reserve a plot of land today.
  • The Beacon Food Forest in Seattle is the largest public food forest in the United States. By design, the food forest is meant to provide free food to residents that visit the park. You can visit the Beacon Food Forest on 15th Ave South and South Dakota Street.

Farmer’s Markets and Cooking Farm-Fresh Food

Buy Local Produce

Seattle is home to multiple Farmer’s Markets, allowing residents to purchase farm-fresh food easily.

  • The Capitol Hill Broadway Farmer’s Market is one of the City’s most popular markets. Open year round every Sunday from 11am to 3pm, be sure not to miss out on this popular Farmer’s Market.
  • There are a total of seven Farmer’s Markets held in the Seattle area. Whether your are looking for fresh produce or a sustainable source of seafood and artisan cheese, the Farmer’s Markets around the city have everything. Stop by one of the City’s famous markets to see what they have for yourself.

Cooking Farm-Fresh Food

Buying farm-fresh food is just the first step to eating healthy. The second step is learning to prepare it in a healthy manner.

  • One of the healthiest resources in Seattle is Hipcooks, which specializes in teaching residents how to properly prepare organic, farm-fresh foods in healthy and creative ways. You can visit Hipcooks at 217 Yale Ave North in Seattle or call (206) 467-1196 to sign up for a class.
  • The Fire and Earth Kitchen is one of Seattle’s best vegan and gluten-free cooking class kitchens. Fire and Earth offers public cooking classes, private cooking classes, and corporate cooking classes. To schedule a class call (206) 919-5599.

Stay Active: Seattle-Area Hikes and Recreation

  • The largest public park in the Seattle area is Discovery Park, which overlooks the Puget Sound. With nearly 12 miles of hiking trails and a beautiful view, Discovery Park has been one of the most popular outdoor activity resources in the City.

    Get there: You can visit Discovery Park at 3801 Discovery Park Blvd in Seattle.
  • Located just outside of Seattle, the Wild Horse Monument has been a popular hiking destination since its creation in 1989. Although the hike is shorter than half a mile, the view is breathtaking.

    Get there: The Wild Horse Monument is located outside of Quincy, WA just East of I-90.

Educate, Empower, and Give Back

Seattle has been named the most sustainable city in the United States by STAR Communities, but there are always actions that can be taken to improve the City even further.

  • The North Cascades Institute is north of Seattle and you can take a number of classes to help you and your community become more sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • Sustainable Seattle is another great resource to help make Seattle more sustainable. Visit Sustainable Seattle at 220 Second Ave in Seattle today to sign up for events.