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Let’s Talk Detox


Diets that promise to rid our bodies of so-called toxins are popular, particularly at this time of year when many people are looking for a fresh start. But, while expensive juice-based diets can be very effective at flushing out your bank account, there’s little science-based evidence to suggest that these regimens offer much in the way of health benefits.

However, there are ways to explore the role healthy eating plays in ridding our body of toxins. Learn more here

Feeding America—a Sun Basket Thank You

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The Seven Things You Must Do To Maintain a Healthy Weight in the New Year

Getting to a weight that’s right for you and staying there is key to your overall health and can help prevent many diseases. Maintaining a comfortable weight is not about dieting, it’s about adopting habits that will keep you on a path to lifelong wellness. 

Visit The Sun Times for seven ways to make 2017 your healthiest year yet! 

The Sounds of Sun Basket

Tyler MacNiven, the director of Sun Basket studios, gets inspired by the most random things. Sometimes this results in chasing a cod-fishing boat with a drone camera, and sometimes we get a live dog fashion show at the office. The other day, while contemplating a test kitchen bread box, he realized it also made a pretty good little beat box. Looking around, he realized the same held true for a number of other of kitchen tools and Sun Basket ingredients. With our test kitchen cooks as unknowing musicians, he snuck a few shots of chopping and cooking resulting in this yummy end-of-the-year music video. 

Sun Signs—January 2017


With fleet-footed, trickster planet Mercury moving in reverse until January 8th, the new year starts off with one foot on the brake and one on the gas.

Visit The Sun Times for your January Sun Signs horoscope.