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Behind the Ingredients

Learn more about the farmers, ranchers, fishermen, and producers who work hard to make sure that your dinner is delicious.

Hodo Soy Tofu


Founded by Minh Tsai, Hodo uses the best quality non–GMO soybeans to create organic plant-based foods. Their award-winning tofu is made by hand with higher-protein soymilk for true texture, real depth of flavor, and never any additives, stabilizers, or preservatives.

Capay Organic

Capay, CA

Founded in 1976, the Capay Family Farm organically grows almost 60 types of fruits and vegetables, making efficient use of local water sources and their Northern California microclimate and healthy soil.

Lakeside Organic Gardens

Pajaro Valley, Imperial Valley, CA

Farmers since the late 1800s, the Peixoto family is committed to promoting biodiversity, protecting wildlife, and conserving water. Rather than grow a single crop on hundreds of acres they produce dozens of varieties of organic vegetables on more than 50 small farms and ranches spread throughout California’s Central Coast and in the Imperial Valley.

man crouching between tomato plants

Durst Organic Growers

Esparto, CA

Durst Organic Growers are now in their 4th generation family of farmers. Their crops include alfalfa, asparagus, cantaloupe, peppers, squash, and tomatoes. They're especially known for their watermelons, including heirloom varieties such as Charentais and Piel de Sapo.