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Meet our butcher

Introducing Rastelli’s

Our Source for Standout Meat & Seafood

Sunbasket is proud to introduce Rastelli’s – our partners for premium quality meats and seafood that are sustainably sourced. Rastelli’s has built a legacy on quality and integrity, and their name is synonymous with responsible practices and superior taste.

Meet Ray Rastelli

Some call him Mr. Rastelli, and some (we assume) call him Ray. But we call him America’s Personal Butcher – having dedicated his life to sourcing and serving quality meat and seafood to tables all over the country. Ray and his team have revolutionized the industry with their commitment to sustainable and humane practices, holding each and every partner and product to the highest standard of social and environmental benchmarks. From responsible fishing practices to free-range, humanely raised livestock, Rastelli’s is dedicated to preserving our planet’s delicate ecosystem while providing you with nutritious, sustainable, and minimally-impactful products.

Sourced From Every Corner

From partners here at home in the American Heartland, to those in the far-off Faroe Islands, Rastelli’s network of sourcing partners is truly worldwide. The journey connects farming and fishing families that have stood the test of time, embracing their craft through generations and operating sustainably for the sake of the natural resources we all share. Rastelli’s partners with those who nurture a profound passion for their work, valuing their animals and the environment they call home. The resulting partnerships aren’t just business agreements – they’re genuine, symbiotic relationships between people who care about doing things the right way.

Unwavering Standards

At Rastelli’s, standards aren’t compromised. Through close collaboration and strict criteria, they ensure every sourcing partner meets our expectations across quality, sustainability, and operating practices. Every product we source carries the stamp of certification – 100% free from antibiotics, steroids, and hormones. That commitment extends to seafood, meticulously ensuring every day’s haul is either wild-caught or sustainably raised in the wild.

Committed to Transparency

Radical transparency is a cornerstone at Sunbasket and Rastelli’s alike. We share the belief that if we can’t feel proud of the origin of our products, we simply can’t offer them to you. We stand by every item we source, and we invite you to join us both in embracing a transparent journey – one where each bite is a testament to our commitment to ethically sourced, superior-quality meat and seafood.

Why Rastelli’s?

  • Responsibility: Ray’s belief in responsibility extends beyond the products on offer. It encompasses our shared commitment to the environment, to diligently sourcing partners, and to you – the customers we serve.
  • Transparency: Just as Ray was transparent in his craft, Rastelli’s is committed to active transparency in sourcing, processes, and responsible practices, every day.
  • Quality: Ray’s perfectionist streak drove him to ensure the utmost quality of every product we offer. From perfectly aged beef, to the freshest seafood, to pristinely trimmed cuts, every ounce mirrors his commitment to excellence.

You’re Invited

We’re proud to invite you to experience the Rastelli’s difference – dedication, artistry, and premium sourcing – in every bite.

Discover the Rastelli’s difference in a variety of Sunbasket meal kits and Fresh & Ready meals, including those that feature beef, lamb, pork, poultry, and seafood.

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