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Ingredients Matter

From organic fresh produce to responsibly-sourced proteins, quality is in our nature.

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Certified Organic. Certainly Delicious.

Our chefs strive to deliver a minimum of 99% USDA-certified organic fresh produce, eggs, milk, and yogurt. On the rare occasion that we have to substitute a non-organic item, we’ll let you know. Learn more

  • We offer organic meat and poultry options, including grass-fed, grass-finished beef
  • We are a USDA-certified organic handler

Deep Seas, High Standards

We source our seafood sustainably, to bring you today’s best catch while protecting tomorrow’s fish populations. Learn more

  • All our seafood is wild-caught or sustainably-raised
  • We only use seafood that is recommended as Best Choice or Good Alternative by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® program
  • Our fishermen use low-impact fishing methods such as line fishing
  • All our fisheries are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), a leading authority in sustainable seafood

Responsibly-Raised Meats

The farmers and ranchers we work with raise their animals with respect, care—and without hormones or antibiotics. Learn more

  • All our meats and poultry are always antibiotic- and hormone-free
  • We work exclusively with ranchers and farmers who raise their animals responsibly and sustainably
  • Our lamb is pasture-raised
  • Our eggs, milk, and yogurt are organic
  • We also offer organic meat and poultry options
  • See our full animal welfare standards

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Celebrating Our Suppliers

Let’s hear it for the many folks who farm, raise, prep, ranch, grow, fish, and endlessly strive to create better food—and a better food system. Meet just a few….

  • Pete & Gerry’s

    Believe in what you buy—that’s the Pete & Gerry’s way. For three generations, they have raised hens with the care that only small family farms can provide. Their free-range, organic eggs have made us into true believers.

  • Coke Farm

    The first organic strawberry farm in California, Coke Farm now represents over 70 local organic growers, helping bring their goods to market. Since 1981, Coke Farm has cultivated more than food—they’ve grown an organic movement.

  • Farmer Focus

    At Farmer Focus, chicken runs in the family. A 6th-generation farmer, Corwin Heatwole started the company to support family farms, and now partners with small farmers to humanely raise free-range, 100% organic chicken.

  • Covilli Farms

    Tucked into the Sonoran landscape, Covili Farms grows organic produce with expertise, integrity, and ethics. Their Fair Trade USA certification is a testament to their support for the livelihoods of farm workers.