Cornmeal Crust Hand Pie, Plant-Based Sausage Scramble

Cornmeal Crust Hand Pie, Plant-Based Sausage Scramble

Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian

This hand pie filled with a plant-based omelet is perfect for a hearty breakfast with no fuss or clean up. Bake in the oven for 12 to 15 minutes or microwave for 1 minute and then crisp up in a frying pan on medium heat for 4 to 6 minutes.

Previously frozen. Keep refrigerated and consume within 5 days.

About Vicolo:

Named after the Italian word for “little alley,” this award-winning pizza company got its start on a small side street in San Francisco. We love that they’re bringing their artistry for crusty deliciousness to the breakfast scene.

Ingredients: Corn meal crust (unbleached wheat flour, non-GMO corn meal, organic soy bean oil, salt, yeast, water), Just Egg (mung bean powder isolate, expeller pressed canola oil, contains less than 2% dehydrated onion, gellan gum, natural carrot extractives, natural flavors, natural turmeric extractives, potassium citrate, salt, soy lecithin, sugar, tapioca syrup, tetrasodium pyrophosphase), plant based cheddar cheese (filtered water, coconut oil, food starch - modified (potato and tapioca), calcium citrate, sea salt, olive extract, cheddar flavor [vegan sources], beta carotene), roasted russet potato, Beyond breakfast sausage (water pea protein, expeller-pressed canola oil, refined coconut oil, natural flavors, inactive yeast, rice protein, methylcellulose, yeast extract [niacin, {vitamin B3}], pyridoxine hydrochloride [vitamin B6], thiamin hydrochloride [vitamin B1], riboflavin [vitamin B2], folic acid [vitamin B9], cyanocobalamin [vitamin B12], apple extract, salt, pomegranate extract, vinegar, lemon juice concentrate, sunflower lecithin, beet juice extract, carrot), green peppers, onion, sage.

Nutritional Information

Contains: Soybeans, Wheat

Not a significant source of trans fat. Packed in a facility that handles all major food allergens* and gluten. *Milk, Eggs, Fish, Crustacean Shellfish, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Wheat, Soybeans.

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