A Back Up of Planets in the Sign of the Bull Helps Us Stand Our Ground

Before you drift away in daydreams about the endless summer you’re planning, come back to earth and focus on building your gardens, literally and figuratively. A line up of planets in earthy sign Taurus this month steers us towards grounding activities, tending to sentient matters and Mother Earth. It behooves everybody to make like Ferdinand and relax in the fields and enjoy the flowers. 

By Lisa Lisa and the Star Jam*

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Earthy bulls are supported this month in speaking their more radical insights to the masses. Certainly an unusual position for one of the more staid signs, yet it behooves you to pay attention to every insight and bolt of inspiration as it could have a positive influence on the world around you. The world wants to hear from you. Just when you start feeling comfy, new opportunities come your way, which help you develop new, as yet unearthed talents. You might lead a class of elementary school kids on a nature walk or help them plant a schoolyard garden, and introduce the next generation to the beauty and intelligence of the natural world.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Silence is golden for the typically chatty Twins this month. You may find that there’s more than one monkey wreaking havoc in your mind. We suggest dedicating yourself to a daily meditation practice to tame the mental madness. If social situations have you seeing red, make a habit of holding your tongue and get your feet moving, preferably away from your object of ire. Like Elvis crooned, “Come on, baby, I’m tired of talking, Grab your coat and let’s start walking.” Mac Davis and Billy Strange must have had a Gemini in mind when they penned that song. It’s time to peer into the deeper recesses not necessarily for the unearthing of new inspiration but more to finalize and move on from some of the harder truths that you’ve been examining for a while now. Don’t give up. The vein of gold you’re on is a deep one, re-grooving healthier synapses. You’re almost there!

CANCER (June 21-July 22) Scrawl all your pent up feelings on paper, stuff your private lament into a bottle and hurl that sucker into the nearest ocean. Now that you have become emotionally unburdened, you’re free to fully embrace the outer-reaches of your social network, perhaps finding new friends, or joining that organization you’ve been too shy to approach. By sidling up to a fresh circle, you discover new shores on which to shine. Maybe you’ll be nurturing homeless kids’ creativity, mentoring teens, or hooking up with an expectant mothers group. Whatever it is, you’ll feel more strongly connected and effective in contributing to community building. This could all lead toward buoying your own creative project. Oh, and what of that tossed bottle holding your innermost thoughts? Allow yourself to imagine it’s arrival on a distant shore to be read by just the right soul in need of a little understanding. Reciprocal healing.

LEO (July 23-Aug 22) With a spectacular pride of planets at the top of your chart, aka your career, you’re ripe for hunting in a new direction professionally. Being out there, being seen (no problem for Leos) increases your chances of seizing opportunities. The agent of this shift is your social network, flinging open cage doors as you join forces with friends and co-create with others. All the while, a light touch, your good humor, and playfulness really ease the path to progress. Later in the month, Lions find a sweet solace away from the limelight. We recommend that you head for the hills. Before you get back down to business you’ll need an emotional release from all the buzz around your career; so go ahead and let out a primal roar deep in the forest. You’ll come back to work minus the weight of the world. 

VIRGO (Aug 23-Sept 22) Virgins rev your engines on work projects this month; emphasis on the plural intended. Counterintuitively, an essential part of staying grounded and focused will be to incorporate learning something new or traveling to a place you’ve not been before. You get the picture, it’s about expanding your worldview. Maybe book a ticket to an unusual sacred site, like the underground salt cathedral near Bogota, Columbia where your perspective and understanding of your place in the world expands. The second part of the month you’re keen to nurture your network, perhaps leading an alumni group and their families on a pilgrimage to survey the damage at Notre Dame. Witnessing the ashes, you see the potential of rebuilding Our Lady as a metaphor for restoring the divine feminine. A major Virgin objective.   

LIBRA (Sept 23-Oct 22) Sharing resources come naturally to the sign of partnership. And this month puts that proclivity into high-relief. Now is the time to pool resources, attract capital from unexpected sources, or invest in futures that benefit the Earth. Meanwhile, you’re motivated to travel and likely to more than one place this month. Writing will help you to integrate all the learning that comes from widening your horizons and deepening your worldview. Later in the month, you find renewed energy in your professional life; you’ll discover a proper balance between pushing toward career goals and nurturing the domestic sphere. Finances may need a bit of sorting. Just keep in mind your true worth.  

SCORPIO (Oct 23-Nov 21) Scorpio’s legendary intensity focuses on the comfort within their close and private relationships this month. Singles may start anew while those already attached may reignite an existing commitment. Regardless, it’s your laser focus lighting up your one-on-ones. You find yourself craving conversation and ideas around relating and dare we say, the earthly pleasures and physicality of intimacy. Scorpios will also be inclined to both talks about and engage in sensual healing modalities such as mud baths or relaxing on grass mats in the Himalayan salt room at your favorite spa. Later in the month, your passions may turn toward travel. Dip into your savings reserves, there’s enough, and take a trip with family members or better yet, sweep your Mom off to Europe for Mother’s Day. 

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21) Archers are wise to take aim at their health this month. Including nutritious foods and regular exercise (or both!) in your daily routine increases your vitality and curbs a tendency to indulge a sweet tooth. Maybe you’ll get a new pet that requires regular walks which will help to ground the centaurs roaming inclinations. You’ll likely have a lot to say around all things climate change, the difference this month being an added extra chutzpah to bring your beliefs into action, perhaps starting a progressive group bent on shifting local politics. Meanwhile, relationships are cooking in the background; you’re keen on communicating with, relating to and spending more time with your partner which, leads to greater intimacy and yes, more sex.    

CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19) Flinty goats are loosening up and finding their goofy side this month. Whether it’s taking a break to crank it up and croon along with power ballads in the office, or unleashing your wild side by brandishing slogans on your t-shirt the likes of no bleeps given, allowing your creativity more free reign will bring the unflappable work ethic of goats down to earth, ultimately making you more fun to be around. A bit of that newfound lighter touch spills over into your everyday routine, where you’re freshly motivated to learn more about healthy habits and practices you can incorporate into your workday. Later in the month, inspired by your own dedication, amp up your efforts and get your partner or family members to exercise, kickstarting a buddy system that helps all of you to sustain healthy habits. 

AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18) The ground beneath you Aquarians is shifting; bringing revelations and revolutions around the domestic front. Reconfiguring your domestic situation or shaking up the family structure is front and center this month. While some of you have already moved (this has been going on for some time now), others are searching Craigslist for new digs or simply hitting the road. Once the chaos settles and you find the necessary security in a home base along with a green patch to tend, you water bearers can begin again to nurture your uniqueness and hoist high your out-there antenna. Career-wise, you’ve bumped up your salary and you’re likely in smooth-sailing waters as your job seems to take care of itself these days. With the homefront and job settled, the end of the month brings about a motivational shift toward focusing on creative projects. 

PISCES (Feb 19-Mar 20) Some fish may be laid up or taking more WFH (work-from-home) days this month. Your currents turn to DIY projects or simply jumping on calls from the home office. Instigating new ways to communicate makes time at the office more efficient, leaving you more opportunity to clarify your vision. Despite some heavy shifts in your social circle, you feel the upside to upheaval, ease from shedding ties to outworn affiliations. Ever the superstar at work, now you’re consciously working on sounding like one. Later in the month, you feel the urge to have fun with your family, taking off to parts unknown. Your creative juices are flowing. It’s all about play.  

ARIES (Mar 21-April 19) Fueled by the momentum that began during your birthday month, you’re fired up around what you’ve learned from all that listening we suggested you do, and now you’ve got a message for us. Speak up. At the same time, the discussion turns to financial matters as a pile-up of planets crowds your money house. While the ride could be a bit bumpy, hold your ground, sudden changes could bring about a bounty. Some rams may consider self-employment while others starting a side hustle. Keep the faith. A new beginning around livelihood is at hand. One thing is for sure, your old ways of working need a heave-ho to the curb. It can be hard to let go but let go you must. And there is no sign braver than you.                      

If you know your rising sign, read that, too; it’s often relevant. 

*Lisa Awrey and Lisa Carroll

illustration by @boccaccinimeadows