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The Fresh & Ready Meal Plan

  • Flavor TDF (To Dine For)
    Chef-prepared meals for one that burst with zest and zip, approved by our in-house dietitians
  • Ease, Please
    No need to cook, no need to clean...just heat in as little as 4 minutes
  • So Fresh and So Clean
    Made with organic fresh produce and top-notch proteins

Fresh & Ready Delivered: We’ve Simplified Blowing Your Mind

Deliciousness to Your Doorstep

Choose from a wide variety of chef-crafted meals that are all ready in minutes

Top-Tier Ingredients

Real food from the best farms to your table

Only the Freshest

We strive to source organic fresh produce 100% of the time Learn More ›

Easy Does It

No grocery shopping, no prepping...just push a few buttons and a gourmet dinner is served

Fresh & Ready Meal Plan Nutritional Info

Sunbasket’s Fresh & Ready prepared meal delivery service is a matchless balance of healthy and delicious with all the comfort and nutrition of home cooking plus the convenience and quality of restaurant take-out. Plus, every meal comes with the approval of our in-house dietitians, so you know you’re gonna be good to go.

broccoli mac and cheese in our fresh and ready tray
  • Perfectly Portioned: ~400-800 calories
  • Packed With Protein and Fiber: 10-30 grams protein & 5 grams fiber or more per serving
  • Fats You Can Use: More unsaturated, less saturated.

Frequently Asked Questions

From our kitchen straight to your oven, Sunbasket’s Fresh & Ready meals are the fastest way to a healthy lunch or dinner. Ready to heat in as little as 4 minutes, these single-serving, delicious, chef-crafted pre-cooked meal delivery dishes have all the comfort and nutrition of home cooking with the convenience and quality of restaurant take-out. Plus there’s no food-cooling drive home to mess with. But if you still feel like dressing up for dinner, hey, it’s your house.
Our chefs make these prepared food delivery meals fresh for you so it’s like you have your own personal chef. We’d love for you to heat them up fresh, just as they arrive, to enjoy the absolute best flavors, colors, and textures. But we get it; sometimes you can’t eat your meals as planned. Maybe, in a fit of excitement, you ordered 15 prepared food delivery meals and can’t possibly eat them all before the use-by-dates. Maybe you won a vacation to Mexico and have to skip town (¡Felicidades!). No worries: you can freeze most of our meals for cooking later. The ones that freeze well have specific cooking instructions; plan on eating the ones that don’t (like meals that include fresh spinach) first. Or you could always toss them in your carry-on and enjoy them poolside in Mexico, assuming your room has a microwave. And that customs doesn’t snatch your spinach.
Our Fresh & Ready meals include an amazing array of chef-crafted dishes chock-full of only the highest quality ingredients. In a world of thaw-em-out and nuke-em-up frozen dinners, Fresh & Ready is a lightning-fast meal option that gives you all the quality of a home-cooked or carryout restaurant meal but without any of the hassle. Delivered to your door in individually-packaged oven-safe trays for one that are safe and ready to heat up, some recipes include fresh add-ons and garnishes to lend your feast a sense of grandeur. But it’s totally cool if you still wanna eat them in front of your TV, no judgment here.
That all depends: how much do you love your family? (Joking, joking!) They’re going to be set, no worries! We offer plans that serve 4, with portions abundant enough to have leftovers for younger children. Select your preferred prepared meal delivery options from our ever-updating menu to find the best fit for that beautiful, loving, gorgeous, amazing family of yours. (Did we mention that they’re beautiful?) There’s so much prepared meal home delivery diversity to choose from that you’re sure to satisfy even the pickiest eaters, beautiful as they are.