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The New York Times

It’s Dinner in a Box. But Are Meal Delivery Kits Cooking?

Published Apr 04, 2016

“Devotees of the culinary sensibilities of Northern California can join Sunbasket, where one of its owners, Justine Kelly, the former chef de cuisine at Charles Phan’s Slanted Door in San Francisco, develops the recipes. She wrote 450 recipes last year, and each month sends out about 150,000 meals like lemongrass- and coriander-crusted pork loin and coconut-almond breakfast smoothies. The price works out to about $11.49 a meal, which she admitted makes it a luxury item for some. But Ms. Kelly said she has friends who aren’t wealthy who use it because the time-cost ratio works in their favor. “Honestly, especially in the Bay Area, it can be cheaper to do a meal kit than shop,” she said.”