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Refrigeration tips

Storing meats and fish

All of our meats are cryovaced and frozen to keep them fresh. Your Sunbasket box is constructed to act like a cooler; however it is natural for your meat and seafood packages to thaw during transport. When you unpack your Sunbasket box, check to make sure that proteins have arrived at or below refrigerated temperatures. Immediately refrigerate all meats until ready to cook. We suggest placing the sealed proteins in the refrigerator on a plate or in a plastic bag to capture any liquid that may come off the packages as they thaw. We recommend cooking seafood within 3 days of receipt, and all other meats within 5 days of receipt.

Ingredient bags in the fridge

We put all the Sunbasket recipe ingredients in a bag so everything is together and easy to find. You can put the whole bag in your fridge, but it’s always a good idea to take a peek inside to check on things, or to see if there’s an avocado, tomato or peach that could use a little ripening on the counter.

A quick word on produce

Aside from some pre-washed greens, many of Sunbasket’s fresh vegetables are coming directly from our family of farmers and haven’t been washed. We generally recommend you give them a rinse before cooking. Leafy greens and whole vegetables will generally keep best in your fridge crisper drawer, but onions, shallots, and certain fruits will be fine outside the fridge.

Note: If you ever feel your box was compromised or delayed during shipping, please let our support team know so they can help you out!