5 Ways to Use Fitness Apps

Feeling like you’re in a rut with your regular workout? One of the easiest ways to stay motived is by changing up your fitness routine. A change of scenery means a new challenge and an opportunity to have fun, and when we enjoy our workouts we’re more likely to turn exercise into a consistent habit. Here, Sun Basket copywriter and resident yogi, Jenny Fant, shares her go-to fitness apps for when her workout routine needs a reboot.  

1. Find your fit fam 

The benefits of building a fitness community are plenty: new friends and strong relationships, plus, increased accountability and motivation. But, when you’re not part of a tight-knit CrossFit box or on an intramural soccer team, it’s not always easy. With the help of community-based fitness apps, you can find like-minded people in your area who can help you reach your goals and have fun doing it.

Try: My Crew to start a new run club or BVddy to find your new activity BFF

2. Flow your heart out

Yoga studios are great, but they’re usually pretty expensive or have schedules that don’t always match our own. And you can only repeat sun salutations by yourself so many times before you give up in favor of a 20-minute savasana. Enter: yoga apps–a perfect way to bring your practice with you, whenever and wherever you need to get your asana in motion.

Try: Asana Rebel for a fierce flow or Serenity Yin Yoga for a calm mind/body reset

3. Get outside

When was the last time you saw the sun? Were exposed to the elements? Breathed some fresh air? If you’re like most people, the answer is “not recent enough.” Lucky for you, REI has A TON of apps geared to help you get outside on the best trails, slopes, and rock walls in the country–from your neighborhood running trail to national parks.

Try: REI’s Collection of apps for hikers, bikers, trail runners, climbers, and more

4. Make the most of your gym membership

So you paid the initiation fee, bought a new pair of sneakers, and got yourself in the door. Do you just go in, pick some things up, and put them back down? Charge full speed ahead on whatever treadmill is closest to the door? A gym without a guide, trainer, or class can get boring, unmotivating, and even make you prone to injury. For anyone who’d like a little guidance, these apps have you covered.

Try: Peloton for cardio routines and Stacked for weightlifting tips

5. Synergize your health routine

Although physical activity is an essential component of healthy living, it takes more than a workout regimen to feel your best. This app pairs fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle tools to help you find your kind of healthy, holistically.

Try: 8fit for a “fitness and nutrition companion”