All We Want for Christmas

Alan Li, executive R&D chef —”I like things that show a devotion to craft, so I’m really hoping that I get a Panettone By Roy. Roy Shvartzapel spent almost 10 years developing the recipe for his Italian holiday bread. Like me, he’s a bit of an obsessive.”

Brittany  Howlett, menu board coordinator— I’m always up for an impromptu picnic, so I’ve got my eye on one of these cool paring knives from Umami Mart near my home in Oakland. It’s the perfect size to fit into my purse, because I never know when I might come upon a piece of cheese that needs cutting.”
Emily Kaiser Thelin, content strategist, recipes and online—”I’m a messy cook, so aprons are always on my list. These linen crossback ones from Fog Linen are so pretty I might be inspired to clean up my act.”
Justine Kelly, executive chef and co-founder—”Gin and tonic is my go-to cocktail, so how cool is it that I can make one with all local ingredients? Very cool. The St. George Distillery is just a few miles from home and their rye gin is my favorite. A bottle of that along with some Homemade Tonic Water from our friends at Oaktown Spice and I’m all set.”
Paul Conte, executive pastry chef —”What I really want for Christmas is a battery of copper pots, but until my girlfriend buys a lucky lottery ticket I’ll settle for one of these copper heat diffusers instead. Nothing conducts heat like copper does, and one of these provides even heat on the most erratic stove tops.”