Make a Bubble Wand

Our DIY bubble wands are a sure-fire cure for the there’s-nothing-to-do summertime blues. With chopsticks and yarn, you can make a wand that’s far more durable and fun than the store-bought plastic version. 

2 pushpins
2 wooden chopsticks
1 metal washer
Bucket or large container
Dish soap

1. To make the bubble wand, stick the pushpins into one end of each chopstick (don’t push them all the way in). 

2. Cut a piece of yarn about 3½-feet-long and tie one end to the metal portion of one pushpin. Then push the pin all the way into the chopstick to secure the yarn.

3. Thread the yarn through the washer. Then tie the other end of the yarn around the metal portion of the pushpin on the second chopstick. Push the pin in to secure the yarn.

4. Cut a second piece of yarn about 1½-feet-long. Tie the ends to the longer piece of yarn, about 4 inches away from the end of each chopstick.

5. In a bucket or other large container, mix 1 cup dish soap with 9 cups warm water. Holding the sticks together, submerge the yarn and the washer into the bubble solution. Lift out, pulling the chopsticks apart, and wave the bubble maker around to make a bubble.