Outdoor Yoga Lets You Ditch the Studio

Running, swimming, hiking, and surfing are just a few ways to enjoy a workout in the open air. Add yoga to that list, too. There’s no reason to limit your warrior one to the four walls of a studio. Take your mat out into the sunshine, or slide into savasana under the stars. Sun Basket’s marketing copywriter and certified yoga instructor, Jenny Fant, shares some tips on how to make the world your yoga studio. 

Where to get down, dog.

The end of a running trail, a sandy beach, your backyard, a lakeside dock, even a stand-up-paddleboard—you can get your yoga on just about anywhere the sun shines. You’re going to want a flat surface where you can settle uninterrupted for at least 15 minutes—someplace with relative peace and quiet to help you get in the zone. Keep your eye out for outdoor community yoga events and classes in your area. These are great for beginners and tend to be less expensive than studio classes.

What to bring.

Bring a mat if you’ve got one (Pro Tip: keep one in your car so you’re ready when inspiration strikes), some speakers if flowing to tunes is your thing (try Jenny’s yoga playlist), sunscreen if you’re going to be in direct sunlight, and a water bottle to help you stay hydrated. Oh–and bring a friend or two, as well. 

No mat? No problem.

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to do yoga without a mat. Great substitutes include beach towels, picnic blankets, or even an oversized sweatshirt big enough to help keep your hands comfy. But even if you find yourself at the top of a mountain wanting to get in some sun salutations without a scrap of fabric in sight, you’ll be fine. You don’t need anything other than some deep breaths and an open mind to get in a quick yoga sesh.

“Okay, so what do I do now?”

As with any yoga without a teacher, proceed with caution. Do moves you’ve done before and are comfortable with. Try on this quick energizing routine or something to decompress. Otherwise, just start with some simple sun salutations and see where they take you. There are plenty of online resources and apps if you prefer a full-length, professionally led sequence.