Get Fired Up and Move the Cooking Outside

Cooking over a live fire outdoors is one of summer’s greatest pleasures. Happily, it’s also one of the simplest. We have a few tips to share to help make sure your dinner plans don’t go up in smoke.

Start clean
Every time you use your grill, take the time to clean the cooking grate (or grates on a gas grill) before you add the food. Preheat the grill, getting the grate good and hot, and then use a metal scraper to dislodge any bits of cooked-on food. Follow up with a stainless-steel brush dipped in water, scrubbing the bars well. Note: Always check the manufacturer’s instructions for any special-care requirements for your grill.  

Season with care
Go easy when applying seasoning rubs. If you press too hard you risk damaging the meat fibers, which can affect the texture, and you also risk overseasoning. 

Don’t get stuck
Pat food dry and oil it, not the grill grate, to keep food from sticking. 

Put a lid on it
If fat or juices dripping into the fire cause flare-ups, don’t try to extinguish the flames with water. Instead, quickly transfer the food to a cooler part of the grill, if possible, and cover the grill to cut off the source of oxygen. 

The most important grilling tool (besides a grill)
Forget about poking at your steak to check if it’s done. A digital thermometer is the most reliable way to judge the doneness of grilled meats. We love the candy-colored Thermopop.