Get the Most Out of Your Sun Basket

1. Unpack your box as soon as you receive it 

Remember that meats and seafood are beneath the divider underneath the ingredient bags. Put the recipe cards in the bag with the ingredients for that meal and refrigerate everything until you’re ready to cook.

2. Recycle your box and packing materials 

Our brand manager, Tyler MacNiven has put in long hours making sure that every last piece of our packaging is either reusable or recyclable. The box, obviously, goes into the recycling bin—and so does the insulation. The freezer packs can be snipped open—the plastic covers go into a recycling bin. Put the gel (which is 98% water, 2% organic cotton) directly into a planter or garden bed and use it to water your plants. (It can also be composted). Use the small jars and ziploc bags to store leftovers. Emily, on our content team, loves how they’re just the right size to fit into her daughter’s lunchbox.

3. Start with seafood

We pride ourselves on sending the freshest seafood, but even in the most ideal conditions, fresh seafood never lasts long. Plan to cook any seafood meals first, beef, chicken, and pork next, and produce-based meals last.

4. Read the recipe all the way through before you begin

Cooking is more relaxing if you take a minute to read the recipe from beginning to end before you begin. Think of it like plugging your destination into your GPS before heading out on a trip. The journey is more enjoyable when you know where you’re headed.

5. Brown-bag your scraps

When you unpack the meal, fold down the edge of the brown ingredient bag and use it to collect your kitchen scraps as you cook. When you’re done, throw it all into the compost.

6. No recipe book?

No problem. You can find any Sun Basket recipe anytime on our website. Click on your name in the upper-right corner of the page and select Rate Recipes from the drop-down menu. Click on a meal’s title to view its digital recipe card.

7. Rate your meal

We love to hear from you. Remember to rate your recipes so we can give you more of what you like—and please leave a comment. We review these when we plan new menus and incorporate the best suggestions when we revisit past recipes.

8. Hungry for more?

You can now order your meals up to 3 weeks in advance. To customize your menu, start by logging in to the Sun Basket website and clicking “My Menu.” To switch between delivery weeks, click the blue arrows to the right and left of the arrival date. Remember: You’re not restricted to any one meal plan; you can order any meals that work for you. You can even order 3 of the same meal to throw a dinner party for 6.