How to Prep Garlic: A Masher Class

Before you start, trim both ends of each garlic clove and remove the papery skin.

Finely chop with a knife: 

  • Using the side of your knife, smash the garlic clove. 
  • Finely chop the smashed clove. 

Smash it with a garlic press:

  • Add peeled cloves to a garlic press and squeeze. 
  • Using the back side of the knife, scrape the mashed garlic from the press. 

Grate it with a fine-toothed grater:

  • After peeling, grate the clove on a fine-tooth grater. 
  • Once grated, tap the grater on the cutting board and then run your finger along the inside of the grater to remove any remaining mashed garlic.

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