How to Slice Cherry Tomatoes in Just Seconds

Tomato season is in full swing and we can’t stop eating our favorite Sun Golds and Sweet 100s, but slicing cherry tomoates one by one gets old fast. We love this game-changing hack that lets you slice a whole bunch of cherry tomatoes in a single samurai-worthy swing of the blade. 


The Easiest Way to Slice Cherry Tomatoes

Simply place a handful of cherry tomatoes on the top of the lid to a plastic take-out container, or turn a plate upside down and lay the tomatoes in the ring of the dish. Place another lid or plate on top of the tomatoes, press firmly enough to hold the top in place without squishing the tomatoes. Using a sharp knife, slice the tomatoes in half between the two lids. 

Don’t forget to store your tomatoes at room temperature. Keeping tomatoes in the fridge kills their flavor and renders them squishy and slightly mealy. Trust us, it’s science