Turn Dinner Into a Make-Ahead Lunch

Chicken banh mi with garlicky-smashed cucumbers image

Chicken Banh Mi with Garlicky-Smashed Cucumbers

Make-ahead instructions:

  • Pack sandwich components separately and assemble just before eating.
  • Leave the smashed cucumbers in the plastic bag to keep them fresh and crunchy.
  • If you don’t have a toaster at the office, pre-toast the rolls and place in a paper bag to keep them crisp. (Plastic will trap air and can make the bread soggy.)
  • Pack the chicken in the same container as the pickled radishes and refrigerate until you’re ready to eat to give the meat a little vinegar-y flavor.

“This was absolutely to die for!! Right on point with the flavors and it was so easy to make!” -Michael C.

Pita flatbreads with curried chickpeas and arugula-date salad image

Pita Flatbreads with Curried Chickpeas and Arugula-Date Salad

Make-ahead instructions:

  • Pack the lemon-dill yogurt in one of the reusable Sun Basket containers.
  • Prep the dates, pumpkin seeds, and lemon, and pack separately from the arugula so the greens stay crisp.
  • Toast the pitas at the office, if possible.

“This was indeed a really quick, highly flavorful meal. Great balance!”
-Heather L.

Mexican street tacos with tomatillo-simmered chicken and lime yogurt image

Mexican Street Tacos with Tomatillo-Simmered Chicken and Lime Yogurt

Make-ahead instructions:

  • Warm the tortillas on the stovetop at home for a bit of that char-toasted flavor or warm them in office microwave, if you have one.
  • Divide the cilantro in half before chopping it for the salsa and save the whole leaves for an easy garnish.

“OMG, I think I have died and gone to taco heaven! This was a party in my mouth.” – Steve G.

Superfast Thai Turkey Lettuce Cups image

Superfast Thai Turkey Lettuce Cups

Make-ahead instructions:

  • Cook the turkey at home and let cool before packing. 
  • Pack the cucumbers separately from the lemongrass-turkey mixture so they stay crisp.

“OMG, these were sooooo good… loved the lemongrass paste flavoring!!!! Would love to take this one when we are RVing!!!!” -Gali B.

Turkey taco bowls with brown rice, black beans, and pico de gallo image

Turkey Taco Bowls with Brown Rice, Black Beans, and Pico de Gallo

Make-ahead instructions:

  • Pack the salsa in an empty Sun Basket reusable container.
  • Keep this one hidden in the office fridge, it’s our #1 pick for pack-ahead, so it might be the object of some serious lunch envy.

“This dish was so delicious. I could eat it every day.” – Sarah O.