How to Make Socca on Facebook LIVE

This week on Facebook LIVE, Sun Basket’s R&D chef, Paul Conte, shows our recipe copy editor Jenny Kim how to make Socca with Harissa Yogurt and Kale–Marcona Almond Salad. This savory pancake is a popular street food from the South of France, having originated in Genoa, Italy, where it’s known as torta di ceci or farinata. Made with chickpea flour, fresh herbs, and cumin, variations of socca can be found in Algeria, Argentina, and Uruguay.

Watch as Paul channels his Italian roots, showing Jenny some techniques for getting a perfectly golden brown crust on socca, as well as how to massage kale until it’s tender, and even explaining why he thinks Marcona almonds are the king of all nuts. 

Tune in on Wednesday, December 13th, at 4 pm when we’re live with the content team shucking oysters, cracking crab, and sabering bubbly for a festive no-cook holiday feast.