Team Sun Basket Hits the Gym 

Alicia Egan, Marketing Associate, Social Media
“I try to swim every morning before work. Getting into the pool at six a.m. always seems crazy, especially in the winter, but there’s something about swimming under the stars in a heated pool in the middle of February that reminds me that I’m alive.”

Matt Chavez, Videographer
“I try to make it to the gym at least five days a week for a mix of weight lifting and light cardio. I also like to ride my bike and get out for hikes on the weekends.” 


Amy Endemann, Head of Marketing
“I’m a 7 a.m. yoga fiend. I either go to a nearby studio or practice via a streaming yoga video service in my living room. I like to get it done in the morning, because I know if I wait until after work it’s less likely to happen.” 


Nicole Farray, Marketing Assistant
“I start my mornings with 100 squats, and after work I head to the gym. I love HIIT Max workouts and weight training, but right now I am really into dance classes, especially hip hop. If I know I can’t make it to the gym after work I’ll take a 20 minute walk at lunch. I do yoga on the weekends to keep myself centered after a long week.” 


Elton Fong, Business Analyst
“I ride 10 miles on my bike everyday to and from Sun Basket HQ. Several nights a week, I hit the gym after work for weight training, stretching, and a few laps around the track.”  


Koji Hamada, Data Analyst
“I’ll usually guilt myself pretty hard until I’m motivated to go for a workout. I run several races a year, full and half marathons and 50Ks. I’m currently focused on speed training and just running on the treadmill.”


Jan Newberry
Jan Newberry, Editorial Director
“I’m at the Y six mornings a week. I like to mix things up, so I do a cardio workout on Mondays and Wednesdays, weight training on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and a spin class every Friday and Sunday. On Saturday, I hike with my dog in the Oakland redwoods.” 


Amanda Stowers, R&D Project Coordinator
“I’ve found that going to classes with friends helps with motivation. We mix it up with different classes from pilates, to kickboxing, to trampoline workout classes. Going to classes after work also encourages us to carpool.”