Turn your Sun Basket into an Art-Supply Basket

Upcycle your Sun Basket box to make a storage bin for your paints, brushes, and other art supplies. Use the cardboard flaps and inserts to make dividers for pens and other items. Decorate the box with tiles cut from cardboard scraps and label it with letters cut from paper bags or construction paper. 

DIY Art Basket

Sun Basket cardboard box with inserts
Construction paper or cut-out letters from paper bags, magazines, etc.
Empty Sun Basket ingredient jars and plastic containers, optional, for storage

1. Make the divider 
Use the scissors to cut the largest flap off the top of the box. Place the shoebox in the left half of the box. Insert the flap vertically into the center of the box, beside the shoebox, to create two separate compartments. Use the scissors to remove the second flap and reserve for step 3.  

2. Make the side pockets 
Fold the cardboard insert along the perforated center, then cut it along the perforations. Crease one of the halves into thirds and then unfold the two sides to form the pocket shape. Place the folded cardboard in the top right corner of the box to form a pocket. Repeat this step with the remaining half of the cardboard insert on the bottom right side of the box. Both should fit snugly.

3. Decorate the box 
Cut out square cardboard tiles from the flap reserved in step 1. Glue the cut-out letters to the cardboard tiles. Arrange the tiles to spell out whatever you’d like on the top of the box and glue the tiles any way you like. 

4. Fill the box
Reuse other materials from your Sun Basket, like ingredient jars or plastic containers, and fill them with supplies.