Cardboard Tile Puzzles

Turn your Sun Basket box into tiles you can use to make mosaic-like designs, puzzles, and even a checkerboard. Make the designs as big or as small as you like, depending on the amount of cardboard you have on hand. 

Cardboard from your Sun Basket Box
Acrylic paint, white plus at least two other colors 
Paint brushes
Glue, optional 

1. Prepare the cardboard
Cut the inside flaps off your Sun Basket box. Apply a base coat of white paint to the cardboard and let dry while you choose the colors you’d like use for your tiles.

2. Paint the tiles
Cut the painted cardboard pieces in half. Paint each piece any color you like (over the white primer) and let dry. 

3. Make the tiles
Cut the cardboard pieces into strips and then cut the strips into tiles, don’t worry about the tiles being exactly the same size. Separate the tiles into color-coordinated piles. 

4. Choose a tile design
Arrange the tiles in fun patterns. You can always trim the individual tiles as needed to make cleaner lines. Keep the tiles loose and change the design whenever you’d like, or glue your designs to a cardboard sheet.