Dinosaur Table Garland

Decorate your dinner table with this simple flower garland. Using flowers like carnations or mums will allow the garland to stay fresh without water for a couple of days. You can also use air plants or succulents—look for inexpensive flowers at the farmer’s market, grocery store, or garden centers. We recommend using two bunches of similarly-colored flowers. To bind the garland, use twist ties or pipe cleaners. Inhabit the garland with dinosaurs for added fun. 

2 bunches long-lasting flowers such as carnations or mums
10 to 20 twist ties or pipe cleaners, cut in 6-inch lengths
5 to 10 dinosaurs, creatures, or animal toys


1. Prep the flowers by stripping off the leaves and cutting each stem to no more than 7 inches long. Place the prepared stems in a glass of water to keep them hydrated until you’re ready.

2. Lay 2–to–3 flower stems flat in your hand and layer 2–to–3 more ½-inch down. Twist a tie or pipe cleaner around the entire bunch. Continue layering and tying until your garland is the length you want. 

3. Position dinosaurs on all sides of the garland to surprise your guests.