Light Up Your 4th of July with These Crepe Paper Sparklers

Baby, you’re a firework! Let your colors burst with our straw-and-crepe paper sparklers. Striped straws in red, white, silver, and blue fringed with cut-up streamers make safe, hand-held sparklers to light up any celebration. 

DIY Crepe Paper Sparklers

• Assorted paper straws in red, white, silver, and blue stripe
• Crepe or tissue paper in red, white, and blue
• Scissors
• Ruler
•Glue (or hot glue gun – make sure to have the help of an adult)

1. Prepare the straws
Cut 4 evenly spaced vertical slits into one end of each straw so it opens slightly, like a flower.

2. Cut the paper

  • Cut 2 pieces of crepe paper each about 6 inches long. Stack the two pieces and then fold them in half so that the stack is now 3 inches long.
  • With the fold at the top and starting at the open bottom end, snip the crepe paper into a fringe, stopping about ½ inch from the folded top edge.

4. Assemble the sparklers

  • Twist the top, folded edge of the crepe paper into a point.
  • To attach the fringe to the straw, release a glob of glue into the cut end of the straw and then insert the pointed end of the crepe paper into the glob. Let dry. Repeat until you have an assortment of sparklers.