Sun Signs

SCORPIO  (Oct 23-Nov 21)  Pay attention to your dreams. You may be craving spiritual renewal; deepening your connection with the things you cannot see might actually prove fruitful or, at the very least, pleasant. With buzz-kill Saturn in your house of money, you may have had to tighten your belt at bit, but remember, the real gold is in your inner life. You’re the one in power. You might want to skip the festivities and sleep on Thanksgiving. If you do decide to attend the holiday dinner, be the first to offer to do the dishes. You’ll make your host happy and avoid any heavy discussions.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21)  With taskmaster Saturn in your house of self-identity, your sense of freedom may seem restricted. In fact, you’re laying the groundwork for a whole new you. This can be exhausting, so pay attention to your body–eat right and exercise. Expansive planet Jupiter is in your house of friends, so on Thanksgiving, go ahead and get together with all your people; that’s what will make you happy. Just don’t bring up how you pay the bills or how they do, either, for fear anyone thinks you might have ulterior motives. Besides, talking about money is considered unbecoming in some circles, and you’re attracting a more refined set these days.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19) It’s pantsuit-power time. You don’t have to run for president to know that the big transformation you’ve been going through is finally bringing the career recognition you crave. You may have had some losses recently; but don’t worry, it’s just the universe’s way of telling you you didn’t need those things anyway. It’s time to own your authority. Just wield it wisely and not with an iron fist. You’ll probably want to invite all your business associates to Thanksgiving this year. It might look like Davos, but isn’t that what you’re going for?

AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18)  Maybe it feels like all your fellow freaks are pulling down their flags. The stars may be telling you: leave those old friends behind. Buy a plane ticket and take a long-distance trip. You’re more likely to find your people further afield. With Mars, the planet of physical energy and initiative, in your first house, you’re on fire. You may want to spend Thanksgiving in a foreign country—or with people from another culture, and skip the American holiday altogether.

PISCES (Feb 19-Mar 20) You’re at a career peak, finally being recognized for all you’ve accomplished. With expansive Jupiter in your house of resources, and other people’s money, now is the time to get financial backing for the work you do.  But do your research, and make sure the partners you’re attracting are transforming and not corrupting. You’re finding yourself through your relationships and professional standing. This is the time to take charge. On Thanksgiving, don’t let things get too intense, and you’ll avoid stirring up any hidden anger that might get you into trouble.

ARIES  (Mar 21-April 19)  You just got a boost from the universe in the partnership department. If you’re not in a relationship, the force is with you to couple up. Spend Thanksgiving with your significant other, but keep the conversation focused on the food and company. Avoid potential landmines like religion, philosophy, or even work, as things might get too heated and alienate your friends.

TAURUS  (April 20-May 20) We know how much you like your creature comforts, but the tendency to overindulge is greater than usual right now. Instead, turn your enthusiasm for the good life toward improving your diet and exercise regime. Thanksgiving will be a test of your resolve. Remember, less truly is more, and if you focus on the company and all the richness in your life, you’ll stay on track.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20)  With beneficial Jupiter in your house of creativity, romance and pleasure, plus big—fat—love, are all in the air for the twins. Don’t be surprised if that new romance turns out to have long-term potential. You may want to lay low on Thanksgiving. Don’t drink too much, or you might find yourself in a compromising situation. Geminis are good at keeping it light. You really don’t want to uncover anybody’s family secrets or skeletons in the closet.

CANCER (June 21-July 22) With taskmaster Saturn in your health house, November is not the time to be self-indulgent. Instead, put in the work to build a sustainable health routine. With expansive Jupiter in your house of home and roots, maybe you’re thinking about moving into a better place or improving the one you have. Your home is the perfect place to host family and friends this month; that’s where you’ll find the finer things are meant to be shared.

LEO (July 23-Aug 22) You love to be the center of attention, but wet-blanket Saturn in your house of creativity has put a damper on your self-expression, not to mention your sense of fun. With jolly Jupiter in your house of communications, you’re poised to host some positively civilized gatherings. Let everyone come to you; if not everyone can make it, don’t get bent out of shape. Gather your neighbors and siblings for Thanksgiving, and you might just have the makings of the best party ever.

VIRGO (Aug 23-Sept 22) If you don’t have a steady gig, you’re ripe to find one soon. You may find that working in partnerships can be good for your growth and earning potential right now.  Learning more about your roots, and where and who you come from, is one way of easing the pressure you may have been feeling on the home front.   

 LIBRA (Sept 23-Oct 22) You’re coming off larger-than-life, but in a balanced, appealing way. The attention you’re attracting is good for both business and the bottom line. Even though you’ve gotten good press lately, don’t believe the hype. Be careful not to eat, drink, or sleep too much, as you may have a tendency to put on weight. At Thanksgiving, why not travel? It’s one way to avoid family drama, or of unearthing any old stuff that could upset all that balance and togetherness Libras crave.