We Heart Sun Basket

February is customer favorite month at Sun Basket, which means our menu is packed with your all-time favorite meals. 

But you’re not the only fans of the dishes our test kitchen creates every week, all across the company, Sun Basket meals have changed the way our employees cook and eat. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we asked our co-workers to tell us why they love cooking Sun Basket meals. 

“They bring me back to my roots. My mom is Filipina and my dad is Syrian and Portuguese. Food is such a big part of all three cultures, so it plays a huge role in our life. When we think of food, we think of family. I love seeing recipes on the Sun Basket’s menu like chicken adobo, and seasonings like allspice, za’atar, and sumac. They remind me of the time I spend with my family cooking and enjoying meals together.” Nicole Farray, Marketing Partnerships Coordinator

“Having a baby a few years ago made it hard for me to plan, shop, and prepare dinner. When I went back to work, there was even less time. Sun Basket has made my weekly menu planning seamless and fun. I believe in the product, I love the recipes, and I look forward to cooking the meals every week.” Amy Offen-Reeves, Test Kitchen Coordinator

“I love to cook, but often find myself making the same meals for dinner week after week. Sun Basket introduced me to so many foods and recipes that I wouldn’t normally cook because I don’t have experience making them. Cooking a couple of Sun Basket meals every week gives me so much more variety, but also allows me to try new ingredients without having to commit to buying large quantities at the grocery store or going out to a restaurant.” Ashley Goldsmith, Deputy Editorial Director, Content

“It’s changed the way I eat in so many different ways. No more decision fatigue. Sun Basket offers endless variety, signature sauces and spice blends without hidden preservatives, and there’s always enough leftover for lunch the next day. I also love that I can explore new ingredients, techniques, and cuisines. But most importantly, it gives me more time for myself because I don’t spend part of my week searching for recipes, inventorying my pantry, grocery shopping, and meal prepping. Oh, and the delivery means no more hassle of carrying groceries from the store to my apartment.” Lindsey Kane, Director of Nutrition 

“When I started working at Sun Basket in late 2016, I cooked the first meal I’d ever prepared for my wife. We’ve been married for 27 years and I’d only ever made packaged food for her. But I remember showing Chef Justine the picture I took of that first meal, I was so proud. I still cook Sun Basket meals for dinner when it’s just the two of us.” Matson Wade, Head of Platform Engineering

“I’ve always loved to cook, but buying groceries for one person is difficult and can result in a lot of wasted food. Sun Basket has not only upped my cooking game, but significantly reduced waste, too.” Marcos Henrich, Print Production Manager