Work Every Major Muscle Group with Mountain Climbers

San Francisco-based personal trainer Thomas Stracke visited Sun Basket HQ to school us on some essential exercises to maximize our fitness routines.

Mountain climbers are a full body exercise that you can do anywhere. (Stracke did them on our roof!). Make them a part of your fitness routine and you’ll build muscle, get your heart pumping, and challenge your balance and coordination, too. Here, Stracke demonstrates the way to do mountain climbers right.  

How to do a mountain climber: 

  • Place your hands firmly on the ground, directly underneath your shoulders. With your abs tight and your belly button sucked in, get into a high plank position. 
  • Bring your right knee to your left elbow, then put your foot back on the ground to return to the high plank position.
  • Repeat on the other side, bringing your left knee to your right elbow.
  • Alternate sides, picking up speed as you go for 30 to 60 seconds.