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The Mediterranean Meal Plan

  • The Top Diet for Healthy Eating
    Rated #1 diet overall by U.S. News & World Report
  • Primo Ingredients
    Organic fresh produce and responsibly sourced seafood and meats
  • Goodbye, Grocery
    Delivered to your doorstep so you can relax

Mediterranean Meal Plan Delivery

Salmon with green romesco and apple–poppy seed salad

Only the Freshest

We strive to source 100% organic fresh produce from the best farms Learn More ›

Protein You Can Feel Good About

Sustainable seafood and meats free of antibiotics, hormones, and steroids

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good Fats

Healthy fats sourced from nuts, seeds, avocados, and olives

Hand-Crafted Sauces and Hand-Picked Spices

Bursting with flavors that span the globe and rock your world

Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan Nutrition

Sunbasket’s Mediterranean diet meals are the perfect balance of healthy and delicious to keep you satisfied and stoked. And each meal gets the thumbs-up from our in-house dietitians––because if the dietitians ain’t happy in our house, then how are you gonna be happy in yours?

Sicilian chicken breasts with salmoriglio sauce and broccoli
  • Portion Paradise: About 400-800 calories per serving
  • Packed With Protein and Fiber: At least 10 grams protein & 5 grams fiber per serving
  • Good-for-You Fats: Unsaturated fats sourced from olives and olive oil, nuts, seeds, and avocados

Frequently Asked Questions

Simple: the Mediterranean diet is both super healthy and super delicious. In January 2021, U.S. News & World Report rated the Mediterranean diet their #1 diet overall, #1 diet for healthy eating, and #1 diet for diabetes. But even better, they also rated it the #1 easiest diet to follow, so eating healthy is a piece of (yogurt & honey olive oil) cake.
Of course not! Mediterranean diet meals are good for just about everyone. Since you can choose from a wide array of ingredients––whole grains and legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables, proteins, good fats––almost everyone can go Mediterranean, even those folks who have certain dietary restrictions.
The base of the Mediterranan diet is an abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables, olive oil, beans, nuts, legumes, and whole grains. Next, add in fish and seafood at least twice a week, followed by some poultry, eggs, and dairy––especially fermented dairy like yogurt and cheese. The top of the pyramid is reserved for a small amount of red meat and sugary treats (but only in small portions and for special occasions).There are tons of different, delicious meals for Mediterranean diet practitioners.
It’s not silly! As the name suggests, the Mediterranean diet was outlined to reflect the traditional eating patterns of the consistently healthy, long-living populations of the Mediterranean region, including natives of Greece and Southern Italy. Our chefs apply those principles to flavors and cuisines around the world.
The Mediterranean diet is not really a diet at all––it’s a flexible eating pattern designed to promote health. Every body is different. Some may lose weight, some may gain weight, some may stay the same. But that's far from the point, since the Mediterranean diet's claim to fame is its ability to improve overall health and boost longevity—at any shape or size—with delicious and nutrient-rich whole foods. The Mediterranean diet is an easy eating pattern to stick to because of its flexibility, as well as the fact that it consists of a diverse set of ingredients that taste as good as they make you feel. And the fiber and good fats in the Mediterranean diet give you that satisfied, comfortably-full feeling. You’re nourished and energized from meal to meal so you can continue to conquer your day.

Learn More About the Mediterranean Meal Plan

Pillars of the Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan

The Mediterranean meal plan is rooted in an abundance of fresh, plant-based foods including fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, and legumes. Olive oil is the primary source of monounsaturated fat; fish and seafood are the primary proteins, with moderate amounts of poultry, dairy, and eggs to follow. Red meat and sugary treats can be enjoyed with Mediterranean diet meals, as long as it’s rare (in frequency, not your steak’s temp––nice try!) and in moderate portions. Not quite as many pillars as the Parthenon, huh?

Origins of the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet was identified in the 1960s as research revealed that populations from Mediterranean regions (particularly Southern Italy, the isle of Crete, and Greece) were considerably healthier than those elsewhere. These Mediterranean populations were also revealed to enjoy longer lifespans and less incidence of disease. Studies indicated that the common denominator seemed to be diet; through further research, the Mediterranean diet was formally born. Olives have been sexy ever since.

Sample Mediterranean Diet Meals for a Well-Rounded Mediterranean Diet

To supplement your Sunbasket Mediterranean diet weekly meal plan delivery, here are a few ideas for other meals for Mediterranean diet practitioners:

  • Breakfasts: Vegetable omelet, oatmeal and fruit, greek yogurt and nuts
  • Lunches: Tuna salad, whole-grain vegetable wrap, green salad with grilled fish

Olive Oil, a Friendly Fat

Olive oil is an important staple in the Mediterranean diet meal plan. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is a good source of monounsaturated fat, which has been shown to improve cholesterol levels. We definitely recommend that you keep a good-quality olive oil on hand for cooking your Sunbasket Mediterranean diet weekly meal plan dinners. Your cholesterol will thank you alongside your palate.

Pair Mediterranean Diet Meals With an Active Lifestyle

Even when you’re digging into super-healthy Mediterranean diet meals, it can’t just be all eat and no play. What you eat is just one avenue to support your health and well-being, and physical activity provides its own host of benefits. Even light exercise, such as walking or yoga, can be enough to get your heart rate up and benefit your overall well-being. We recommend finding a routine you’re likely to stick to: a nightly stroll with your family after dinner, a spin class with a friend, or yoga on the beach in Mykonos––hey, we all can dream!