Sun Basket Supper Club

The advantages of eating with friends go well beyond a good meal. Friendships are just as critical to our well-being as diet and exercise and offer many of the same benefits. Studies show that close friendships can help lengthen our lifespans, not least by lowering the risks of disease, depression, and dementia. But just like healthy eating and getting to the gym, friendships require a commitment of both time and spirit.

A Sun Basket Supper Club is a great way to combine food and friends to reap the rewards of both. Just like a book club or bootcamp workout, a Sun Basket Supper Club can help gather people together and help motivate everyone to stay healthy.  

You can organize other families you know who already subscribe to Sun Basket, or you can use your Refer-a-Friend code to turn good friends on to the coolest meal delivery service around. Once everyone’s signed up, it’s easy to decide on a meal and get together to cook.

Plan your meal 
There are many ways to organize your Sun Basket Supper Club. If you want something small and informal, you might consider having each family order the same individual meal. If you want a feast, everyone can order the same three meals. With Sun Basket’s meal plans, there’s something for everyone—whether they’re vegetarian, gluten-free, or following a paleo diet.

Pick a day
Finding a date that works for a group can be the hardest part. You might want to pick a recurring time, say the third Thursday of each month, so that everyone can block out that date on a regular basis.

Don’t forget the drinks
To pair with the recipes, invite everyone to bring their favorite beverage, whether sparkling water, a bottle of wine, or a cocktail.

Post photos of your Sun Basket Supper Club online and tag them #sunbasketsupperclub