Painted Rock Garden Bugs

Fill your garden with helpful insects made from ordinary rocks and paint. Smooth stones with rounded edges make cute ladybugs and bees. A white base coat of paint will make the colors pop. If you make a mistake, simply paint it over and start again.

Smooth rocks, washed and dried

Small paintbrushes

Acrylic paint in white, black, red, yellow and other assorted colors

Broad-tip and fine-tip black permanent markers


Googly eyes, optional


Sticky notes or plain white paper

Step 1:
Using a small brush, paint the rock(s) white and let dry.

Paint the entire rock red (or any other color you like). Let dry. Paint the top third of the rock black or color it with the broad-tip marker. Using the fine-tip permanent marker, draw a line down the middle and add dots for wings. Paint on eyes, or glue on googly eyes.

Paint the entire rock yellow (or any other color you like). Let dry. Paint black lines across the bee’s body or draw lines with a broad-tip marker. Cut out small wings from the sticky notes or paper. Glue the wings to the bottom of the rock. Use the fine-tip marker to make the eyes and smile.